2019: Planning Ahead

19 JUNE 2018

Now that things are slowing down in the garden, I can start planning for 2019, and hopefully make an early start on sowing my first seeds to they are ready to plant out at the first sign of sustained warmer weather next Spring.

2018 was my first year and I didn’t start early enough, what with builders, weather, and the rubble left behind by the builders (sacks and sacks of it ), so 2019 will be my first full year. Continue reading “2019: Planning Ahead”


Six on Saturday: 10 November 2018

This week’s Six are all under cover.  Have a look here for what others are sharing this week on The Propagator’s Blog

First, inside my potting shed.  Remember that messy cupboard from last week?

20181104 (3)

It looks a lot tidier now.  And I tackled the rest of it too;  battling huge spiders, three wasps and a dead mouse. Continue reading “Six on Saturday: 10 November 2018”

Cacti, Succulents & Lithops

With Autumn winds blowing, and rain beating on the windows, the last place I want to be is working in the garden.  But I’ve still got that itch to grow things and I haven’t yet worked out when I need to make a start on vegetables for Spring planting.

So I was looking around for something else that prefers to be left alone to get on with growing and I’m going to try some cacti, succulents and lithops (living stones) from seed.  I probably should wait until Spring, but I’m too impatient.

I’ve bought the special compost and ordered the seeds, which have now arrived in the post.

Here’s what I’m hoping will eventually grow; they are notoriously slow.

And these are the lithops seeds that arrived – a packet of 10 seeds, though there appear to be more.  They are so small it’s hard to tell (the label is 3 x 7 cms).

After a wait of a week, the Cacti and succulent seeds arrived in the post.  There should be approximately 300 – I’m certainly not going to attempt to count them.

I’ve planted some of the seeds into a plastic egg box containing cacti compost, and I’ll  leave it in a warm place to see what happens.

I think these may be the first seeds I have sown using a magnifying glass, tweezers and the sticky part of a post-it note!

Six on Saturday: 3 November 2018

The first image for this week’s Six on Saturday is shared to shame me into spending some time in my shed and tidying it up.  This is part of a cupboard built by my hubbie to my design.  It’s based on one of those old kitchen cupboards from the 1950s – a cupboard underneath, another at the top, and a flap that folds down, which I used as my potting bench – this is that bit.

20181102 (8) Continue reading “Six on Saturday: 3 November 2018”

Six on Saturday: 27 October 2018

A bright and sunny day here in North East Wales, but cold.  I was surprised to see on the news that some places have had snow!

This week, as well as looking at my own garden for Six on Saturday, I’ve taken a sneaky look at those of my neighbours too.

20181023 Around the Village (1)

This is the fuchsia in my front garden – still producing flowers and with more to come.  I’ve taken cuttings from it this year as I want to eventually plant it as an informal hedge. Continue reading “Six on Saturday: 27 October 2018”