My Tiny Greenhouse Experiment: Plans

With the arrival of the new year, thoughts turned to maximising my growing area, within the limitations of my existing garden.

One thought is vertical gardening; and while there is some scope to do that, the logistics of keeping any plants watered other than by hosepipe or watering can is currently beyond my pocket and expertise. Continue reading “My Tiny Greenhouse Experiment: Plans”


Six on Saturday: 19 January 2019

Here are my six for today.  Take a look at The Propagator’s Blog for inspiration.

20190117 (12)

Because we usually go in and out of the house via the back door, I do not look at my front garden border on a regular basis, so was pleasantly surprised to see that the crocus bulbs I planted three or four years ago are more advanced that the bulbs I planted in pots last September. Continue reading “Six on Saturday: 19 January 2019”

Six on Saturday: 12 January 2019

I’m staying  mostly indoors for this week’s Six on Saturday, although the weather is still mild.  After a dry spell, we had some rain mid-week, so next week I expect my bulbs to have had a growth spurt.

20180104 new tools (12)

I still have six or seven leeks left in the garden.  This one is by far the fattest and tallest. A 2018 success that I hope to repeat this year. Continue reading “Six on Saturday: 12 January 2019”

Six on Saturday: 5 January 2019

My 80th post on this blog and my 18th Six on Saturday contribution!  Follow the link to The Propagator’s blog to see what everyone else is up to.

Yesterday was my first day away from the house since the Thursday before Christmas.

We needed a few bits and pieces from the supermarket, and I wanted to check if there was anything left in the sales at the garden centre, and maybe buy some early seed potatoes.


Continue reading “Six on Saturday: 5 January 2019”

2018: Success and Failure

No monthly roundup for December, instead I thought I’d take a brief look back at the first year of my tiny vegetable garden experiment.

First, a big thank you to those who have followed this blog, liked and commented on my posts, and allowed me a glimpse of your own gardens – which are all fantastic and make me very jealous.  I look forward to meeting more of you in 2019 and wish you a Happy New Gardening Year!

Image result for Happy New Year for gardeners]

Extreme cold and extreme heat marked my first year as a vegetable grower.  Nothing got going until May and I was still digging out bricks and stones from my two new raised beds in June.  And in July, we were fortunate to be visited – briefly – by a Hummingbird Hawkmoth. Continue reading “2018: Success and Failure”

Six on Saturday: 29 December 2018

I wasn’t sure I’d have anything new for this week’s Six on Saturday hosted by The Propagator, but a quick tour of the garden on a surprisingly warm and sunny day gave me these images to share.

20181229 (1)

The leeks are still growing well.  We had some with our Boxing Day lunch and I’ve harvested some small ones this morning to add to a chicken and ham pie for tea. Continue reading “Six on Saturday: 29 December 2018”