Six on Saturday: 16 February 2019

20190215 (16)

I’ve had pale purple crocus, and pale yellow crocus, now it’s time for these dark purple ones to shine in the front garden.  I took the precaution of photographing my garden yesterday – our second day of cloudless skies and warm sun.  The forecast for Saturday being wet and windy – it isn’t – it’s cool and sunny. Continue reading “Six on Saturday: 16 February 2019”


Six on Saturday: 9 February 2019

I’ve been awake since 4 am.  Sixty-mile-an-hour gusts rattling the letterbox and clattering the slates.  I gave up trying to sleep at five am.

So here are my bleary-eyed six.  Follow the link to see how everyone else is faring. Continue reading “Six on Saturday: 9 February 2019”