Six on Saturday: 5 January 2019

My 80th post on this blog and my 18th Six on Saturday contribution!  Follow the link to The Propagator’s blog to see what everyone else is up to.

Yesterday was my first day away from the house since the Thursday before Christmas.

We needed a few bits and pieces from the supermarket, and I wanted to check if there was anything left in the sales at the garden centre, and maybe buy some early seed potatoes.

sale-banner-22037370They had the seed potatoes in  – but they were still wrapped up in plastic stacked on a pallet in the middle of the shop while the last of the Christmas display is removed.  Had we visited today, I could have bought some and started them off.

An excuse to visit again, just sooner than expected.

Instead, I invested in some new tools.

20180104 new tools (6)

A new trowel – because this one seems quite sturdy, and the two I already own keep bending between the blade and the handle.

20180104 new tools (9)

Ditto this fork – though I expect it won’t be long before those plastic protectors disappear.

20180104 new tools (10)

I’m still looking for the perfect pair of secateurs.  I suffer from RSI after years using non-ergonomic computer keyboards and mice, so anything that lessens the tiny muscle movements in my wrist/forearm will be useful.

The benefit is that I can use them with either hand.  These will be particularly useful for cutting prunings into smaller lengths before recycling.  This is an interesting article discussing the pros and cons of different types of secateurs/pruners.

20180104 new tools (4)

I like this type of glove – with a waterproof coating on the palm and fingers – but the availability of any kind of gardening glove in size small is rare – so I get them when I see them.

20180104 new tools (5)

Following my pre-Christmas failure growing salad leaves in the conservatory, I’m stepping up a gear and trying them on my kitchen windowsill (SE facing), where I can keep an eye on them.

I liked this propagator because the planting plugs are in sets of four so I can sow seed in one section at a time.

20180104 new tools (1)

I included a larger pack of these plant clips (bought off the internet) in my brother’s Christmas Gardening Box present.  These should be enough for my needs (tomatoes).

The trowel, fork, propagator and plant clips were £1.99 each; the secateurs were £4.99, and the gloves £2.99.  Total spend £16.94 – and we had lunch too!

3 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 5 January 2019

  1. You had some good bargains! i love the idea of the plant clips. Are they reusable? Haha… you can tell I’ve been away from the UK a looong time and I get excited by little gizmos like these. Portugal garden centres are different. The ones we visit sell plants, pots and compost and a few other bits and bobs. But that’s it. no coffee or cake. I miss that.

    1. The plant clips are totally re-usable, though how long they last remains to be seen. As with anything made from plastic, they will probably de-grade with strong sun after a few years. Worth it though, not to struggle trying to tie string around a bushy tomato or other plant.

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