Six on Saturday: 22 September 2018

A struggle this week to find six photographs.

My first carrots – don’t laugh!  I always knew they would be a bit deformed; after all, I haven’t got rid of all the larger stones and chunks of old mortar in this raised bed (will I ever?).

22 September 2018 (1) 2

My last ‘harvest’ of peas and climbing beans.  They’ll add a bit of colour to the soup I’m making.

22 September 2018 (2) 2

Last night on Gardener’s World, Monty suggested removing the leaves from squashes and cucumbers.  I did that this morning (in the rain) to reveal this!  I’m sure it will taste better than it looks.

22 September 2018 (4) 2

Last week’s To Do list included sowing salad crops indoors.  This is red and green salad bowl lettuce now on my kitchen windowsill.

22 September 2018 (3) 2

And we’ve had some strong winds here in North Wales.  Strong enough to finish off one of my two giant sunflowers on Wednesday.  This is the first flower head – too large to fit in a standard builders’ bucket.  The second plant (which only had one flower) is larger still.

19 Sept (4)

And, after a very slow start, my cherry tomatoes are finally giving a good crop.


19 Sept (11)

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