Six on Saturday: 15 September 2018

A mixed bag for this week’s Six on Saturday.

  1.  I photographed the plants in the old boots while on holiday.  They were are Devil’s Bridge station on the Vale of Rheidol narrow gauge steam railway.
  2.  I thought I’d lost the saxifrage during the hot summer weather but it’s coming back and will soon be ready to split.
  3. My houseleeks (Hens & Chickens) are rooting nicely.
  4. The sedums in my front border are in full colour now and the bees love them.
  5. I thought this hardy fuchsia had finished flowering a few weeks ago, but a few showers of rain seems to have started it off again.
  6. I cut this alpine clematis right down to the ground at the beginning of August when I remade a shady border; now it’s scrambling back up the trellis.

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